ROB, Vol. 2

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# トラック   期間
1.Rob's Theme (Reprise)1:14
2.Chapter 13: The Roof of the World3:30
3.Chapter 14: The Land of Fear4:45
4.Chapter 15: Journey Into Terror4:14
5.Chapter 16: A Battle of Wits3:22
6.Chapter 17: The Babel Expedition5:51
7.Chapter 18: The Ghost Library4:52
8.Chapter 19: The Timeless Armory (Extended Version)6:01
9.Chapter 20: The Wall of Lies4:00
10.Chapter 21: The Temple of Secrets4:39
11.Chapter 22: The End of Tomorrow3:33
12.Chapter 23: The Torn Curtain4:59
13.Chapter 24: The Flight Through Eternity4:05
14.Chapter 25: The Final Test4:03
15.Chapter 26: The Knight of Bor4:28


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