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Ben Bagley's Vernon Duke Revisited

Kritzerland 22/10/2021 CD - 500 コピー




# トラック   期間
1.The Theatre Is a Lady Jack Haskell and chorus 
2.Low and Lazy Blossom Dearie 
3.Now Tammy Grimes and Anthony Perkins 
4.Sugarfoot Blossom Dearie, Tammy Grimes, and the Keiffer Twins 
5.Just Like a Man Joan Rivers 
6.Water Under the Bridge Tammy Grimes 
7.Spring Again Anthony Perkins and the Ladies 
8.Life’s a Funny Present Joan Rivers and the Keiffer Twins 
9.Lady Anthony Perkins 
10.Words Without Music Gloria DeHaven 
11.If You Can’t Get the Love You Want Tammy Grimes 
12.Roundabout Anthony Perkins and Tammy Grimes 
13.I Cling to You Anthony Perkins 
14.That Moment of Moments Jack Haskell and Chorus 


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