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Sleepy Hollow
Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 464

Intrada Special Collection 29/07/2021 CD - 限定版 (720258546401)
映画 映画のリリース: 1999




# トラック   期間
Original 1999 Soundtrack Album
2.Main Titles3:09
3.Young Ichabod1:20
4.The Story…4:29
5.Masbath’s Terrible Death1:35
6.Sweet Dreams1:11
7.A Gift2:26
8.Into The Woods / The Witch3:32
9.More Dreams1:42
10.The Tree Of Death9:36
11.Bad Dream / Tender Moment3:34
12.Evil Eye3:43
13.The Church Battle3:34
14.Love Lost5:16
15.The Windmill6:18
16.The Chase3:12
17.The Final Confrontation4:17
18.A New Day!1:29
19.End Credits3:18
# トラック   期間
Sleepy Hollow – The Soundtrack
1.Introduction (Revised)4:17
2.A Place Called… (Version #2) / Main Titles (Revised)5:52
3.The Story... (Revised)4:30
4.Masbath’s Terrible / Death (Revised)1:35
6.Science At Work2:27
7.Young Masbath2:05
8.Autopsy / Phony Chase (Revised)2:35
9.Sweet Dreams (Revised #2)1:10
10.Family History3:47
11.Spying (Revised)3:18
12.Philipse’s Death (Alternate)1:17
13.Dream #2 (Revised)1:41
14.Into The Woods / The Witch4:40
15.Mystery Figure (Alternate)1:12
16.The Tree Of Death (Alternate)10:20
17.Katrina’s Brew0:34
18.Bad Dream / Tender Moment (Version #3)3:32
19.Trouble In Town0:34
20.The Will (Revised)2:28
21.Evil Eye (Revised)3:43
22.Lady Van T’s Hand1:18
23.The Church Battle (Alternate)8:48
# トラック   期間
Sleepy Hollow – The Soundtrack (Continued)
1.The Windmill (Revised)7:41
2.The Chase / The Final Confrontation (Version #3); A New Day! (Revised)9:00
3.End Credits (Revised)3:15
The Extras – Alternates
4.Introduction (Original)3:50
5.A Place Called… (Version #1)1:33
6.Main Titles (Original)2:45
7.Main Titles (Alternate)2:22
8.The Story… (Original)4:27
9.Ichabod’s Arrival (Alternate)1:27
10.Masbath’s Terrible Death (Original)1:44
11.Autopsy/Phony Chase (Original)2:33
12.Sweet Dreams (Original)1:18
13.Sweet Dreams (Alternate)1:17
14.Young Ichabod (Revised #1)1:20
15.Spying (Original)3:26
16.Philipse’s Death (Original)1:17
17.Mystery Figure (Original)1:10
# トラック   期間
The Extras – Alternates (Continued)
1.The Tree Of Death (Original)10:23
2.Bad Dream / Tender Moment (Original)3:31
3.Bad Dream / Tender Moment (Version #2)3:31
4.The Will (Original)2:28
5.Evil Eye (Original)3:45
6.The Church Battle (Original)8:46
7.Love Lost (Revised)5:16
8.The Windmill (Original)7:08
9.The Chase / The Final / Confrontation (Version #1); A New Day! (Original)9:05
10.The Chase / The Final / Confrontation (Version #2); A New Day! (Original)9:04
11.End Credits (Original)3:10


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Sleepy Hollow (1999)
Sleepy Hollow (1999)

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