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Naked - Piano Works

Saimel Records 21/07/2021 CD




# トラック   期間
1.New York. September 16, 20163:31
3.Don´t Miss The Train2:5
4.From The Window3:28
5.Milky Way (Part 1)0:57
6.You Were Jealous Of My Gaze, When You Already Owned My Heart1:43
7.Milky Way (Part 2)0:45
8.For Noa, Nadia & Nicole2:50
9.The Man Who Looked On The Bright Side2:15
10.Final Farewell (To Our Elders)1:35
11.She Lost Everything Out Of Pride2:52
12.The Reflection Of The Mirror2:00
13.The Noise Behind The Silence3:27
14.5.39 A.M. Everything Is Wrong. Erratic. Insomnia & Red Wine2:53
15.Volveremos A Vernos2:46
16.Milky Way (Part 3)1:57
17.June 06, 2020. Brand New Day2:57


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