Best Gene Tierney Movie Themes

Disques CinéMusique 15/07/2021 ダウンロード




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
1.The Return of Frank James: Main Title and Opening Scene (1940)David Butolph1:48
2.Tobacco Road: Main and End Titles (1941)David Butolph2:14
3.Belle Starr: Main Title (1941)Alfred Newman1:00
4.Son of Fury: The Story of Benjamin Blake: Suite (1942)Alfred Newman3:07
5.Heaven Can Wait: Suite (1943)Alfred Newman4:15
6.Laura: Main Title (1944)David Raksin, Emil Newman2:14
7.Leave Her to Heaven: Main Title and Finale (1945)Alfred Newman2:33
8.Dragonwyck: Main Title (1946)Alfred Newman1:22
9.The Razor'S Edge: Main Title (1946)Alfred Newman1:35
10.The Ghost and Mrs. Muir: Suite (1947)Bernard Herrmann6:27
11.That Wonderful Urge: Main Theme (1948)Cyril Mockridge, Lionel Newman1:20
12.Whirlpool: Main Title (1949)David Raksin, Alfred Newman1:20
13.Night and the City: Suite (1950)Benjamin Frankel, Muir Mathieson4:40
14.The Secret of Convict Lake: Main Title (1951)Sol Kaplan, Lionel Newman1:25
15.Way of a Gaucho: Suite (1952)Sol Kaplan, Alfred Newman4:30
16.Plymouth Adventure: Mayflower (1952)Miklós Rózsa3:15
17.Personal Affair: Main Title (1953)William Alwyn, Muir Mathieson5:42
18.Black Widow: Main Title (1954)Leigh Harline, Lionel Newman2:12
19.The Egyptian: Opening Title (1954)Bernard Herrmann, Alfred Newman1:42
20.The Left Hand of God: Main Title & Finale (1955)Victor Young2:37
21.Advise and Consent: Washington Scene (1962)Jerry Fielding2:36
22.Toys in the Attic: Main Title (1963)George Duning3:48


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