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The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark

Materia Collective 06/04/2021 ダウンロード
ゲームのサウンドトラック 映画のリリース: 2021




# トラック   期間
1.A Fumble in the Dark1:43
2.The Darkside Beckons2:08
3.The Search Begins2:05
4.Taking a Drive0:59
5.That Went Well2:11
6.That Also Went Well2:32
7.Call to Misadventure2:57
8.The Demons of Downtown3:31
9.Of Acorns and Betrayal0:48
10.The Return0:17
11.Twilight Years2:25
12.I Feel 63 Again2:38
13.Flaming Chairs and Waterballooons3:59
14.Preach on the Dancefloor (Pastor Farrelly Mix)1:37
15.Fadó Fadó3:06
16.Trouble, in a Manor of Speaking3:53
17.Launch Sequence3:33
18.The Carnival Ate My Hamster4:03
19.Say Hello to Shingles0:53
20.Shingles Gives Me Tingles3:00
21.The Gauntlet, Pt. 14:26
22.The Gauntlet, Pt. 24:26
23.El Doolio's Theme3:05
24.Clearly a Demon2:30
25.Hot for Jypyn1:35
26.Way to Kill the Mood1:50
27.Cage Rage2:50
28.Please Don't Not Remember Me2:56
29.We're Gonna Need a Bigger Reunion4:00
30.Teenage Angst1:01
31.Let's Not Split Up, Gang2:26
32.Turn Back the Clocks1:19
33.On the Case3:47


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