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U.S. Marshals

Varèse Sarabande Digital 02/04/2021 ダウンロード




# トラック   期間
1.The Set Down1:29
2.Nuggets & Bullets1:50
3.Prison Plane0:52
4.Broken Glasses0:44
5.Zip Gun1:49
6.Almost Down1:23
7.Sinking Plane4:23
8.Consider Him Dangerous0:53
9.At Knife Point0:13
10.The Pen1:29
11.Heading For The Swamp2:25
12.Swamp Search6:05
13.Listen To Me1:24
14.The Humidor0:33
15.Take It All1:30
16.Gym Of The Living Dead0:42
17.Dead In The Shower1:39
18.Eyes On The City4:52
19.Got You0:30
20.Airport Locker1:57
21.The Consulte0:59
22.Following Chen5:58
23.Cemetery Watch1:24
24.Across The Cemetery1:09
25.Funeral Ambush2:01
26.The Front Gate2:28
27.Up The Stairs2:13
28.Into The Building1:07
29.Mark And Royce Fight1:59
30.Turn Around0:32
31.We Lost Him1:43
32.The Wrapper0:40
33.The Great Sam1:03
34.Ship Fight1:18
35.Mark's Wounded0:38
36.The Glock0:22
37.Trying To Escape1:19
38.Free To Go2:40
39.End Credits7:19


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