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The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings

Geffen 1976 ダウンロード
映画 映画のリリース: 1976




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
1.Signifyin' On The Diamond (Main Title)1:02
2.Leon In High Gear1:24
3.Bean Ball Blues1:45
4.Polka Dot Jitterbug3:35
5.All-Stars On Parade3:12
6.With Love From Sallie Potter1:22
7.The Band Of Detergents Boogie1:06
8.The Bingo Long Song (Steal On Home)William Goldstein & Thelma Houston3:08
9.Baseball Magic1:47
10.Enter The Goons0:49
11.The Amazing Esquire Joe Catch0:59
12.Reprise (Steal On Home)1:14
13.Razzle DazzleWilliam Goldstein & Thelma Houston4:02
14.Buenos Knockers Señora1:20
15.If You Cut Me, Who's Gonna Play Right Field1:34
16.Razzle Dazzle (Reprise Instrumental)3:46
17.Bye, Bye Rainbow Blues3:08
18.No Ball Fours' For Leon0:53
19.The Mighty Midget (Reprise Razzle Dazzle)1:29
20.Esquire Joe, Major Leaguer1:04
21.The Bingo Long Medley (End Title)4:24


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