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Original Broadway Cast Recording

Walt Disney Records 2000 ダウンロード




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
1.Every Story Is A Love Story (Album Version)Sherie Rene Scott3:19
2.Fortune Favors The Brave (Album Version)Adam Pascal2:20
3.The Past Is Another Land (Album Version)Heather Headley3:03
4.Another Pyramid (Album Version)John Hickok3:35
5.How I Know You (Album Version)Damian Perkins2:34
6.My Strongest Suit (Explicit)Women of the Palace & Sherie Rene Scott5:15
7.Enchantment Passing Through (Broadway Cast Recording)Adam Pascal & Heather Headley3:18
8.My Strongest Suit (Reprise) (Album Version)Adam Pascal & Heather Headley1:09
9.Dance Of The Robe (Album Version)Heather Headley & Schele Williams4:05
10.Not Me (Album Version)Adam Pascal & Damian Perkins & Heather Headley & Sherie Rene Scott3:45
11.Elaborate LivesAdam Pascal & Heather Headley4:29
12.The Gods Love Nubia (Album Version): EnsembleAida & Heather Headley & Schele Williams4:42
13.A Step Too Far (Album Version)Adam Pascal3:59
14.Easy As LifeHeather Headley4:13
15.Like Father, Like Son (Album Version)Adam Pascal & John Hickok3:12
16.Radames' Letter (Album Version)Adam Pascal1:32
17.How I Know You (Reprise) (Album Version)Damian Perkins1:07
18.Written In The Stars (Album Version)Adam Pascal & Heather Headley3:17
19.I Know The Truth (Album Version)Sherie Rene Scott3:36
20.Elaborate Lives (Reprise) (Album Version)Adam Pascal & Heather Headley4:22
21.Enchantment Passing Through (Reprise) (Album Version)Adam Pascal & Heather Headley0:52
22.Every Story Is A Love Story (Reprise) (Album Version)Sherie Rene Scott2:18


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