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Le Mans '66
Ford v Ferrari (Score)

Hollywood Records 15/11/2019 ダウンロード
映画 映画のリリース: 2019




# トラック   期間
1.Le Mans 665:42
2.Wide View1:35
3.Driving in the Rain1:52
4.Henry Ford the Second0:44
5.Ferrari Factory1:35
6.Iacocca's Idea0:59
7.Photos to Fiat1:10
8.7000 RPM1:28
9.Willow Sprints1:20
10.Henry Ford's Revenge1:00
11.Thirty Minutes0:51
12.Miles Is Not a Ford Man1:08
13.Walk the Track1:57
14.Chasing Bandini3:14
15.Night Driving2:27
16.Miles Did It1:11
17.The Request/The Car Is Yours/Perfect Lap4:36
18.Team Player3:20
19.Crescent Wrench (Edit)1:47
20.Le Mans 591:33


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