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Argonus and the Gods of Stone

Rich Douglas 08/10/2019 ダウンロード




# トラック   期間
1.Main Menu (Theme from Argonus and the Gods of Stone)2:22
2.Clairaudient: Shipwreck (Game Story Excerpt)0:59
4.A Desolate Beach2:26
5.Temple Reflection0:56
6.The Quest for Poseidon4:48
8.God Chant0:52
9.Searching the Village1:55
10.Clairaudient: Medusa (Game Story Excerpt)1:04
13.The Quest for Hera3:46
14.Pegasus Arrives0:19
15.The Magic of Hera2:07
16.Clairaudient: Argonauts (Game Story Excerpt)1:03
17.Freeing the Cyclops1:28
18.Lured to the Sirens0:23
19.Battle for the Orchard1:22
20.The All Seeing Eye2:10
21.A Gods Request4:54
22.Skeletal Task1:02
23.Clairaudient: Hydra Battle (Game Story Excerpt)0:56
24.Hera's God Chant0:46
25.Labyrinth: Argonus Explores1:14
26.Labyrinth: Elevator1:04
27.Labyrinth: The Minotaur1:00
28.Labyrinth: The Back Rooms0:48
29.Eurayle's End3:26
30.Clairaudient: Perseus (Game Story Excerpt)1:31
31.Into the Underworld5:12
32.The Boatman1:27
34.Dark Waters Rise4:14
35.Argonus: 1963 Trailer Music1:02
36.A Sailors Tale: Unused (Bonus Track)2:11
37.Athena: Early Draft (Bonus Track)1:04
38.Beach Journal Entry (Bonus Track)1:43
39.Talos: Unused (Bonus Track)0:43
40.Pegasus Arrives: Alternate Take (Bonus Track)0:22
41.A Skeletal Task: Alternate Take (Bonus Track)1:00
42.Temple: Alternate Take A (Bonus Track)0:55
43.Temple: Alternate Take B (Bonus Track)0:55
44.In Game Music Demo: Unused (Bonus Track)2:54
45.Rejected Menu Theme (Bonus Track)1:54
46.Temple Theme: Unused (Bonus Track)2:31
47.Song of the Sirens (Bonus Track)0:53


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