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The Phantom of the Opera

Sony Classical (5099709352126)
映画 | 年: 2004 | フォーマット: CD, ダウンロード




# トラック   期間
2.Think of Me3:40
3.Angel of Music2:42
4.The Mirror (Angel of Music)1:59
5.The Phantom of the Opera3:34
6.The Music of the Night5:38
7.Prima Donna3:28
8.All I Ask of You4:53
9.All I Ask of You (Reprise)2:15
11.Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again3:42
12.The Point of No Return8:00
13.Down Once More / Track Down This Murderer12:45
14.Learn To Be Lonely2:26
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Golden Globes: Best Original Song (ノミネート)
Oscars: Best Original Song (ノミネート)
World Soundtrack Awards: Best Original Song Written for a Film: "Learn to be Lonely" (ノミネート)

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