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The 27 Club
Soulpepper Theatre Company

Independent 23/12/2018 ダウンロード




# トラック   期間
1.Five to One (Live)4:52
2.Tango Brasileiro / Don't You Know I'm No Good (Live)4:35
3.Crossroads Blues (Live)9:52
4.Going up the Country (Live)4:30
5.Lithium (Live)7:57
6.Snap Your Fingers (Live)4:41
7.Castles Made of Sand / Voodoo Child (Live)10:59
8.Casey Jones (Live)5:53
9.Paint It, Black (Live)6:57
10.Up on the Roof (Live)4:57
11.Riders on the Storm (Live)9:07
12.Mercedes Benz / Cry Baby (Live)6:44
13.Sympathy for the Devil (Live)8:10
14.Rehab / Purple Haze / Come as You Are / Piece of My Heart / Break on Through / Time is on My Side (Live)4:35


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