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Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
Record Store Day 2014

Ubisoft Music 19/04/2014 ビニール - 限定版 (060270203112)
ゲームのサウンドトラック 映画のリリース: 2013




# トラック   期間
Side A
1.Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Main Theme2:13
2.Pyrates Beware3:16
3.On The Horizon3:01
4.The High Seas2:44
5.The Fortune Of Edward Kenway1:57
6.In This World Or The One Below2:49
7.Under The Black Flag3:21
# トラック   期間
Side B
1.The Ends Of The Earth2:53
2.Stealing A Brig1:52
3.Fare Thee Well5:14
4.The Buccaneers4:05
5.Marked For Death3:21
6.Last Goodbye2:24
# トラック   期間
Side C
1.Take What Is Ours3:15
2.I'll Be With You6:04
3.Lay Aboard Lads2:24
4.A Pirate's Life2:02
5.Men Of War2:57
6.Order Of The Assassin3:10
# トラック   期間
Side D
1.Randy Dandy Oh1:35
2.Maid Of Amsterdam1:41
3.Leave Her Johnny2:12
4.Whisky Johnny O'1:21
5.Good Morning Ladies1:39
6.Fish In The Sea1:29
7.Dead Horse1:07
8.Running Down To Cuba1:29
9.Patrick Spens1:52
10.Admiral Benbow1:53
11.Trooper And The Maid1:57


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