Amazing Grace and Chuck
Encore Edition

映画 | 発売日: 14/05/2012 | 映画のリリース: 1987 | フォーマット: CD
限定版: 1000 コピー




# トラック   期間
1.Home town5:23
4.Fun And Games2:35
5.The Movement3:00
6.Chuck and Dad4:14
7.Good and Bad Guys2:32
9.Remembering Amazing2:21
10.Dad and Sis2:56
12.Final Victory4:33
13.End Credits2:41


Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music Composed and Conducted by Elmer Bernstein

This is, admittedly, a pretty obscure film. But Elmer Bernstein's score is an absolute classic. Much of the writing is in the mode of Bernstein's masterpiece, To Kill A Mockingbird. And Elmer isn't the only Mockingbird name on this picture. Gregory Peck is here, as the President! Our original release of this stunning score was only in print for about a year. Released in 1987, it was gone by '88. Now, 25 years after its first release, Amazing Grace and Chuck is finally available again!

Chuck Murdock (Joshua Zuehlke) is an all-American kid living in a sleepy town in Montana. He is the top pitcher of the little league team as well. After taking a tour of a nuclear silo, Chuck decides to quit playing little league until nuclear weapons are disarmed. Boston Celtic Amazing Grace Smith (Alex English) hears about Chuck's exploits, and decides to do the same thing. Amazing then moves to the young boy's town to live. More athletes follow suit as well. The town begins to hate Chuck and his family, and this makes Chuck's father angry. But can one kid's message make the world listen?

Limited Edition of 1000 copies

その他のリリース Amazing Grace and Chuck (1987):

Amazing Grace and Chuck (1987)
Amazing Grace and Chuck (1987)

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