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AKA Idea

Netmarble 2015 ダウンロード




# トラック   期間
1.Great Chuljeong (Main Theme)1:33
2.Divine Magic Kingdom (Prelude)3:05
3.Blessing (Annette Raleigh Theme)2:43
4.Abaddon (Kaon Theme)2:22
5.The Western Wall (Agos Theme)3:02
6.Lamentations Of Those Who Can Not Die (Unto Kadesh Theme)3:17
7.Vocation (Pacers Theme)2:51
8.Superbia (Argo Nabiseu Theme)2:44
9.Legacy (Giants Theme)2:44
10.Nightmare (Evil Spirits Theme)3:03
11.Into The Mayhem (Dragon Theme)4:13
12.Mote! Mote! More! (Intermission)3:22
13.Devotion (Elemental Theme)2:05
14.A Song For Tree Of Life (Hesperia Theme)2:17
15.The Beast (Bus Arturo Theme)2:51
16.Struggling (You Can Zoom Vere Theme)3:00
17.Requiem For My Queen (Diodes Zen Theme)2:54
18.Wonderland (Mark Theme)3:12
19.Machien Messiah (Magic Skills Corps Theme)2:47
20.So Mote It Be (Finale)2:54


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