100 Rifles / Rio Conchos

La-La Land Records 26/06/2018 CD - 2000 コピー (826924145821)




# トラック   期間
100 Rifles
1.100 Rifles Main Title1:31
2.The Hanging3:12
3.Break Out3:54
4.The Church1:15
5.Verdugo’s Revenge3:57
6.The Victors1:42
7.A Cliffhanger1:26
8.The Children and The Raid5:06
9.The Ruins3:59
10.His Woman2:32
11.Across the Plains1:08
13.100 Rifles End Title1:39
14.Mariachi No. 12:05
15.Mariachi No. 21:34
16.100 Rifles Main Title (mono)1:27
17.The Hanging (mono)3:12
18.Break Out (mono)3:54
19.The Church (mono)1:15
20.Verdugo’s Revenge (mono)3:58
21.March to the Wall (mono)2:14
22.The Victors (mono)1:40
23.A Cliffhanger (mono)1:25
24.No Choice (mono)5:15
25.The Children and The Raid (mono)5:03
26.The Ruins (mono)3:57
27.His Woman (mono)2:33
28.Across the Plains (mono)1:06
29.Inspection (mono)1:33
30.The Spoils (mono)1:33
31.100 Rifles End Title (mono)1:37
# トラック   期間
Rio Conchos
1.Main Title2:41
2.The Prisoner0:20
3.Get Me Out0:38
4.The Exterminator0:35
5.Where’s the Water?1:55
6.The Fuse1:05
7.Bandits Ho6:06
8.Smoke Signals0:58
9.The River1:55
10.Unlucky Lover0:58
11.River Crossing4:25
12.The Aftermath2:09
13.Lassiter Remembers / The Lance1:41
14.Wall of Fire2:16
15.Lonely Indian3:16
17.A Change of Luck1:18
18.The Captive0:58
19.The Big Deal1:23
20.Chief Bloodshirt2:36
21.Drag Race / The Corral4:02
22.Free Men / The Intruder5:05
23.Special Delivery5:42
24.Cast Credits0:24
25.Rio Conchos (Performed by Johnny Desmond)2:35


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