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Forbidden Planet
Picture Disc

Reel To Reel Records 20/04/2018 ビニール - 限定版 (5036408200129)
映画 映画のリリース: 1956




# トラック   期間
Side A
1.Main Titles 
3.Once Around Altair 
4.The Landing 
5.Flurry of Dust 
6.A Shangri-La in the desert 
7.Graveyard - a night with two moons 
8.Robby, make me a gown 
9.An invisible monster approaches 
10.Robby arranges flowers, zaps monkey 
11.Love at the swimming hole 
12.Morbius Study 
13.Ancient krell music 
# トラック   期間
Side B
1.The mind booster 
2.Krell shuttle ride and power station 
3.Giant footprints in the sand 
4.Nothing like this claw found in nature 
5.Robby, the cook and 60 gallons of booze 
6.Battle with invisible monster 
7.Come back to earth with me 
8.The monster pursues - morbius is overcome 
9.The homecoming 
10.Overture reprise 


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