The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Complete Motion Picture Score

Bootleg 2014 ダウンロード
映画 映画のリリース: 2014




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
1.1m01 Logos0:43
2.1m01a The Opening3:27
3.1m01b Parents On Plane3:26
4.1m02 Spidey Logo0:59
5.1m03 Truck Chase3:40
6.1m04a Peter Hallucinates Pt 10:28
7.1m05 Graduation2:00
8.1m08 Peter Hallucinates Pt 21:22
9.2m09 I Can’t Lose You Too1:51
10.2m10 Flying Montage2:41
11.2m11 Peter Remembers0:41
12.2m12 Max1:14
13.2m16 Max Goes to Work1:26
14.2m18 Harry Comes Home1:06
15.2m20 Max Electrocuted3:33
16.3m23 Peter Vistis Harry3:31
17.3m24 Oscorp Surveillance/Conspiracy56:
18.3m26 Electro Is Born1:16
19.3m28 Electro Wanders0:59
20.3m30 Oxford1:49
21.4m31a Times Square Pt 16:05
22.4m31b Times Square Pt. 22:42
23.4m32 Gwen2:01
24.4m37 Harry Finds Secret Files1:36
25.4m39 Harry Wants Spidey’s Blood4:18
26.4m40 Peter Distracts Oscorp Security0:47
27.4m41 Harry Meets Gwen1:26
28.5m41c Dr. Kafka Experiments2:12
29.5m42a I Can’t Give You My Blood3:02
30.5m42 You’re My Boy3:18
31.5m44 Lobby1:29
32.5m45a Special Projects3:32
33.5m45 Peter Finds Clue4:25
34.6m46 Roosevelt Station5:51
35.6m47a Gwen’s Voicemail1:03
36.6m47 Electro Released3:36
37.6m48 Harry & Electro Return To Oscorp2:00
38.6m50 Lobby Walk0:33
39.6m51 Harry Transformation3:09
40.6m52 I love You2:28
41.6m53_54 Power Station2:53
42.6m55_7m55 Electro Showdown Intro & Pt 12:52
43.7m56abc Electrocuting Spidey & Itsy Bitsy Spider Theme1:07
44.7m57 Electro Showdown Pt 2 & Electro’s Death3:09
45.7m58a Planes & Power Grid Restored1:28
46.7m59 Goblin Showdown3:55
47.7m60 Gwen Dies0:38
48.7m61 Funeral2:40
49.8m62 Exterior Osborn2:11
50.8m63 Rhino Returns7:08
51.9m70s It’s On Again (End Titles)3:50
52.9m71 End Credits3:06


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Amazing Spider-Man 2, The (2014)
Amazing Spider-Man 2, The (2014)
Amazing Spider-Man 2, The (2014)

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