Doctor Dolittle
50th Anniversary Expanded Edition

La-La Land Records 28/11/2017 CD - 3000 コピー
映画 映画のリリース: 1967




# トラック   期間
Act 1
1.Overture (Film Version)2:52
3.Main Title / Puddleby-on-the-Marsh2:37
4.My Friend the Doctor3:32
5.Dolittle’s Study / Frying Sausages1:36
6.The Vegetarian4:38
7.Retrospect / Hat and Mouse2:20
8.Talk to the Animals2:52
9.Talk to the Animals Part 2 (Montage)2:48
10.Time to Retire / Fox and Hounds1:57
11.At the Crossroads (Extended Version)4:02
12.The Pushmi-Pullyu / Blossom’s Circus1:50
13.I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It (Extended Version)7:54
14.Beautiful Things (Extended Version)5:23
15.Sophie the Seal’s Journey6:22
16.When I Look in Your Eyes (Film Version)2:21
17.Dolittle’s Arrest / A Concerned Emma1:03
18.Like Animals (Film Version)4:18
Act 2
20.Entr’acte / On the Bridge2:22
21.After Today (Extended Version)3:45
22.Dolittle’s Escape2:20
23.The Stowaway1:24
24.Fabulous Places3:43
25.Emma at Work / Dart Game2:26
26.The Porpoise / Sea Star Island1:38
# トラック   期間
Act 2 (Continued)
1.Where Are the Words (Extended Version)4:06
2.I Think I Like You (Extended Version)2:54
3.Restless Natives1:28
4.Frosty Village2:54
5.The Giant Whale5:55
6.Doctor Dolittle (Extended Version)3:40
7.The Great Pink Sea Snail1:36
8.Two Weeks From Tuesday / A Tearful Goodbye2:16
9.A Fond Farewell3:12
10.Something in Your Smile2:24
11.My Friend the Doctor Finale (Extended Version)1:24
12.End Cast / Exit Music2:38
Additional Music
13.Overture (Alternate)2:57
14.Main Title / Puddleby-on-the-Marsh (Alternate)3:49
15.I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It (Album Track)2:30
16.Beautiful Things (Film Version)3:01
17.When I Look in Your Eyes (Album Track)1:51
18.The Stowaway (Film Version)1:26
19.Dart Game (Alternate)0:33
20.Sea Star Island (Alternate)0:59
21.Doctor Dolittle (Album Track)2:32
Demos and Pre-Recordings
22.At the Crossroads (Alternate With Dialogue Intro)5:08
23.The Vegetarian (Demo)4:15
24.Talk to the Animals (Rehearsal)3:16
25.Like Animals (Rehearsal)4:07
26.The Vegetarian (Rehearsal)4:32
27.I Don’t Want to Be a King! (Unused Song Demo)2:26


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