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Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows
Complete Score

Bootleg 2011 ダウンロード
映画 映画のリリース: 2011




# トラック   期間
1.Prologue (1891)1:01
2.Explosion In Strasbourg1:59
3.Holmes Fight / The Gift4:52
4.Moriarty First Appearence / Main Titles3:35
5.Where Am I?0:53
6.Sherlock's Room0:52
7.Good Luck WIth Your Patient, Doctor0:39
8.Do You Like My Web?1:47
9.What Have You Done To Gladstone?0:52
10.Crossing The Streets1:18
11.Introducing Mycroft0:42
12.The Party I2:15
13.The Party II / Meeting Simza3:01
14.Breackfast Is Ready / Chase Sequence (Part 1)4:13
15.Chase Sequences (Part 2)0:51
16.The Way To Marry Mary0:37
17.The Marriage / Professor Wants To Meet Holmes3:19
18.The Games Begin3:25
19.The Train0:41
20.This Is My Honeymoon (Part 1)2:31
21.This Is My Honeymoon (Part 2)4:00
22.A Perfect Orchestration0:39
23.To Paris3:43
24.Romanian Mind1:16
26.Talking About Rene1:17
27.Would You Like To Dance?0:36
28.Mycroft And Mary / Arrive To Paris2:22
29.To The Opera7:26
30.Sebastian Moran1:27
32.Trip To Germany2:01
33.Moriarty's Factory4:22
34.In The Operations Room2:12
35.Die Forelle2:27
37.Fight in the Forest2:05
38.Came Back To Home1:46
40.The Castle Over the Mountain / Chess Game12:35
41.The Red Book4:44
42.Final Confrontation / Memories Of Sherlock3:51
43.The End?3:00
44.End Credits6:12
45.3m16a Train Chase (Part 1)2:38


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