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Emotional Drama, Vol. 3

Warner-Chappell PM 12/06/2017 ダウンロード




# トラック   期間
1.Under Control1:10
2.Discord Lament2:00
3.Allready Miss You0:49
4.Grieving Gypsy1:20
5.Nursery Rhyme1:50
6.Polish Affairs1:36
7.He Is the One1:05
8.Discussion Tense1:30
9.Death News Shock0:53
10.Fathers Moods0:49
11.Story of the Past1:02
12.Diffused Light1:23
13.Where Do We Belong1:24
14.Devils Kiss0:52
15.Sad Story3:54
16.Soft And Tender2:43
17.Real Sadness1:22
18.Red Pillow1:47
19.Modern Sadness0:51
20.Lonely Harp0:51


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