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Trois Couleurs: Bleu

Virgin Records America (0724383902729)
映画 | 年: 1993 | 映画のリリース: 1993 | フォーマット: CD




# トラック   期間
1.Song for the Unification of Europe (Patrice's version)5:17
2.Funeral Music (winds)2:05
3.Julie - Glimpses of Burial0:32
4.Reprise - First Appearance0:34
5.The Battle of Carnival and Lent0:58
6.Reprise - Julie with Oliver0:51
7.Ellipsis 10:23
8.First Flute0:52
9.Julie in Her New Apartment1:46
10.Reprise - Julie on the Stairs1:07
11.Second Flute1:18
12.Ellipsis 20:23
13.Funeral Music (organ)1:59
14.Funeral Music (full orchestra)1:48
15.The Battle of Carnival and Lent II0:45
16.Reprise - Flute (closing credits version)2:21
17.Ellipsis 30:25
18.Olivier's Theme - Piano0:39
19.Olivier and Julie - Trial Composition2:01
20.Olivier's Theme - Finale1:40
21.Bolero - Trailer for "Red" Film1:11
22.Song for the Unification of Europe (Julie's version, film)6:50
23.Closing Credits2:06
24.Reprise - Organ1:15
25.Bolero - "Red" Film1:29
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Golden Globes: Best Original Score (ノミネート)

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