The White Buffalo

Quartet Records 19/04/2017 CD - 1000 コピー (8436560842675)
映画 映画のリリース: 1977




# トラック   期間
The John Barry Original Score
1.Main Title4:05
2.Mr. Otis0:41
3.Charlie One-Eye1:45
4.Buffalo Rampage0:59
5.Mourning Worm1:53
6.Buffalo Bones / Dead Miners / Fetterman2:13
7.Jenny Weeds / Flying the Eagle1:22
9.Lost My Bet1:25
10.Up French Creek0:39
11.Beiní Afraid1:43
12.Eatiní Crow / Snow Walk1:57
13.Kileen Fires1:13
14.Hang a Wooden Suit / Rock Pee / Capital Expansion2:39
15.The Place / Cap! / Buffalo Charge2:42
17.Ohinyan / End Credits5:08
The David Shire Unused Score
18.The White Buffalo (Part 1)3:34
19.The White Buffalo (Part 2)1:23
20.The White Buffalo (Part 3)2:15
21.The White Buffalo (Part 4)2:14
22.The White Buffalo (Part 5)2:36
23.The White Buffalo (Part 6)1:35
24.The White Buffalo (Part 7)2:09
25.The White Buffalo (Part 8)1:06
26.The White Buffalo (Part 9)1:27
27.The White Buffalo (Part 10)2:33
28.The White Buffalo (Part 11)2:29
29.The White Buffalo (Part 12)1:05
30.The White Buffalo (Part 13)0:47
31.The White Buffalo (Part 14)2:12
32.The White Buffalo (Part 15)1:06
33.The White Buffalo (Part 16)2:05
34.Camptown Medley 13:01
35.Camptown Medley 22:26
36.Camptown Medley 33:36
37.The White Buffalo (Part 17)1:26


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White Buffalo, The (2008)

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