Alice in Wonderland
Symphonic Variations

Amphonic Music 1986 CD
Amphonic Music 2010 ダウンロード




# トラック   期間
1.The Duchess0:55
2.Variation 10:51
3.Variation 21:11
4.Variation 31:18
5.Variation 41:12
6.Variation 51:00
7.Variation 62:11
8.Curiouser And Curiouser4:00
9.Garden Of Wonderland2:30
10.Down The Rabbit Hole2:17
11.Pool Of Tears3:14
12.A Caucus Race3:35
13.In The White Rabbit's House2:33
14.Who Stole The Tarts?2:39
15.Off With Her Head3:14
16.Pig And Pepper2:59
17.Up Above The World You Fly2:56
18.Mock Turtles Tale3:15
19.Trial And Verdict4:22
20.Tail Of The Dormouse2:38
21.I'm Late, I'm Late2:45
22.Summer Haze2:30
23.Such A Curious Dream2:30


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