31 - A Rob Zombie Film

Universal Music Division Polydor 16/12/2016 ダウンロード
映画 映画のリリース: 2016




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
1.Call It A DayAl Bowlly & Roy Fox And His Band3:15
2.They Call Me Doom Head (Spoken Word)Richard Brake0:42
3.Walk AwayThe James Gang3:33
4.The Midway Say Sweet Charley (Spoken Word)Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs0:14
5.That SmellLynyrd Skynyrd5:47
6.Fixing These Death Traps (Spoken Word)Jeff Daniel Phillips0:12
7.We Buried Her Beneath The WillowsKitty Wells2:25
8.You Digging What You See Pops? (Spoken Word)Sheri Moon Zombie0:20
9.Walking The Floor Over You (1941 Single Version)Ernest Tubb2:35
10.Wolfman Jack Halloween Show (Spoken Word)Wolfman Jack0:11
11.RV Attack (Instrumental Score)Rob Zombie0:40
12.We Are Going To Play (Spoken Word)Malcolm Mcdowell0:26
13.The Game Begins (Instrumental Score)Rob Zombie1:11
14.Number 4 (Spoken Word)Pancho Molar0:07
15.Bathroom Hell (Instrumental Score)John Five1:47
16.Count Yourselves Lucky (Spoken Word)David Ury and Lew Temple0:04
17.Wet Kitty (Spoken Word)Rob Zombie0:43
18.Hunt These Freaks Down (Spoken Word)Sheri Moon Zombie0:03
19.Inside The Cage (Instrumental Score)Rob Zombie1:11
20.Sex And Death (Spoken Word)E.G. Daily and Torsten Voges0:33
21.Death And Sex Fight (Instrumental Score)Rob Zombie3:58
22.Perfect Game (Spoken Word)Richard Brake0:08
23.Moonwheel Zero Gravity Whirlpool (Instrumental Score)Chris Harris2:57
24.I'm Not Crazy (Spoken Word)Richard Brake0:13
25.California Dreamin' (Single Version)The Mamas & The Papas2:38
26.The Eyes Of A True Champion (Spoken Word)Richard Brake0:26
27.The Show Must Go On (Instrumental Score)John Five4:1
28.Another Exciting Year Of 31 (Spoken Word)Malcolm Mcdowell0:04


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