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At An Earlier Time - Dimitri Tiomkin

Cappo Digital 05/09/2016 ダウンロード




# トラック   期間
1.And The Old Man Rowed Out To The Ocean1:38
2.The Fishermen's Lament1:56
3.I Am Your Dream2:40
4.The Duel With The Fish4:43
5.The Old Man Loved The Boy1:56
6.A Small Bird Came Toward The Skiff3:19
7.The Boy1:13
8.Just Before It Was Dark2:39
9.Sunset And Red Clouds2:16
10.The Shark Fight1:52
11.The Old Man Catches His Bait2:32
12.The Old Man And The Sea2:37
15.Fishermen's Cantina2:40
16.The Lost Fight1:48
17.Cojimar Harbor And The Old Man3:22
18.In The Tavern In Casa Blanca2:17


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