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The Last Emperor

Virgin Records America (0077778602927)
Virgin Records UK (5012981248529)
Virgin Records Japan (4988037000674)
映画 | 年: 1987 | フォーマット: CD, ダウンロード




# トラック   期間
1.First Coronation1:46
2.Open The Door2:54
3.Where Is Armo?2:26
4.Picking Up Brides2:39
5.The Last Emperor (Theme Variation 1)2:19
6.Rain (I Want a Divorce)1:49
7.The Baby (Was Born Dead)0:55
8.The Last Emperor (Theme Variation 2)4:28
9.The Last Emperor (Theme)5:54
10.Main Title Theme (The Last Emperor)4:01
11.Picking a Bride2:00
13.Wind, Rain And Water2:18
14.Paper Emperor1:47
16.Red Guard1:20
17.The Emperor`s Waltz3:06
18.The Red Guard Dance0:39
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Golden Globes: Best Original Score (勝者)
Oscars: Best Original Score (勝者)

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