Trevor Jones: Musica De Cine

映画 | 年: 2006 | フォーマット: CD




# トラック   期間
1.Cliffhanger: End Credits2:40
2.The Last of The Mohicans Suite: Main Title2:35
3.The Last of The Mohicans Suite: The Kiss3:06
4.The Last of The Mohicans Suite: Top Of The World3:56
5.Merlin Suite. Opening Titles1:08
6.Merlin Suite. Ambrosia Dies1:15
7.Merlin Suite. Re-United2:35
8.Merlin Suite. End Credits2:11
9.Roseanna's Grave Suite: Roseanna's Theme1:59
10.Roseanna's Grave Suite: Antonio Looks For Cecilia1:06
11.Roseanna's Grave Suite: Marcello On Vespa1:15
12.Roseanna's Grave Suite: End Credits5:43
13.Aegis Ko Is Shot1:58
14.Aegis End Credits4:44
15.Last Place On Earth Suite: Main Theme2:43
16.Last Place On Earth Suite: Snow Mistress1:20
17.Last Place On Earth Suite: Norvegian Theme0:53
18.Last Place On Earth Suite: Chamber Ensemble At Mabel Beardsley's Souiree3:11
19.Last Place On Earth Suite: Message To The Public2:44
20.Last Place On Earth Suite: Closing Title2:18
21.The Mighty Chapter Six: The Empty / Death Of A Knight7:01
22.Fields Of Freedom Confederates & Unionists Regroup. Destiny Of A Nation4:35
23.The Dark Crystal Suite: Overture3:08
24.The Dark Crystal Suite: The Skeksis Duel2:04
25.The Dark Crystal Suite: Love Theme3:01
26.The Dark Crystal Suite: The Gelfling Ruins2:21
27.The Dark Crystal Suite: The Landstrider Journey1:04
28.The Dark Crystal Suite: Finale4:06


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