Intrada 17/11/2015 CD (0720258714527)
映画 映画のリリース: 1975




# トラック   期間
1.Jaws Main Title0:59
2.The First Victim1:45
3.Remains On The Beach0:59
4.The Empty Raft (Extended Version)1:45
5.The Pier Incident2:30
6.Father And Son (Film Version)1:59
7.The Alimentary Canal1:58
8.Ben Gardner’s Boat3:33
10.Into The Estuary2:53
11.Out To Sea (Film Version)1:01
12.Tug On The Line2:39
13.Man Against Beast (Film Version)5:34
14.Quint’s Tale2:48
15.Brody Panics1:16
16.Barrel Off Starboard1:41
17.Great Chase3:02
18.Shark Tows Orca0:41
19.Three Barrels Under2:17
20.From Bad To Worse1:07
21.Quint Thinks It Over1:14
22.The Shark Cage Fugue2:02
23.The Shark Approaches (Film Version)0:53
24.The Shark Hits The Cage2:03
25.Quint Meets His End1:27
26.Blown To Bits3:17
27.Jaws End Title1:57
The Extras
28.Jaws Main Title (Alternate)1:12
29.The Typewriter0:21
30.Man Against Beast (Alternate)5:38
31.Barrel Off Starboard (Alternate Segment)0:54
32.Great Chase (Alternate)3:03
33.Shark Tows Orca (Alternate)0:42
34.The Shark Approaches (Alternate)0:55
35.Quint Meets His End (Alternate)1:32
36.Wild Shark Theme1:10
# トラック   期間
1.Main Title (Theme From Jaws)2:24
2.Chrissie’s Death1:42
3.Promenade (Tourists On The Menu)2:48
4.Out To Sea2:30
5.The Indianapolis Story2:27
6.Sea Attack Number One5:25
7.One Barrel Chase3:10
8.Preparing The Cage3:26
9.Night Search3:34
10.The Underwater Siege2:34
11.Hand To Hand Combat2:34
12.End Title (Theme From Jaws)2:21
The Extras Music From Amity Town Beach
13.Joplin Rag (Original Rag) (Scott Joplin)2:07
14.Winter Stories Waltz (Alphons Czibulka)1:46
15.In The Good Old Summertime (George Evans & Ren Shields)1:29
16.Thousand And One Nights Waltz (Johann Strauss Jr.)1:49
17.Marching Band No. 11:09
18.Marching Band No. 22:05


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