Cousteau: Amazon - Part 2: The Indian

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映画 | 年: 1989 | 映画のリリース: 1986 | フォーマット: CD




# トラック   期間
Shadows in the Wilderness
1.The Amazon Theme1:08
2.History of the Indians1:56
3.Nature in the Forest1:50
4.Matis Community Life1:40
5.Jean-Michel and Chief Kukus visit the President of Peru1:39
6.Ice festival Qoyllur Rit'i1:59
Snowstorm in the Jungle
7.Snowstorm Theme1:44
8.Jean-Michel's Team0:53
9.The Quechuas1:20
10.Tingo Maria3:44
11.Paths of the Snowstorm1:23
13.Coca Leaf Tradition0:44
14.UMOPAR Special Drugs Force5:10
15.Snowstorm Epilogue2:07
Legacy of Cortez
16.Rediscovery Series Theme1:11
17.Alcyone arrives at the Sea of Cortez1:49
18.Creation of the Gulf2:01
19.The Desert Sea1:25
20.Beauty of Marine Life1:19
21.Night Dive2:44
22.Dive in the Mangroves2:25
23.Krill Dance1:13
24.Great Finback Whale2:50
25.Ancient Indian Murals1:03
26.Manta Rays1:48
27.The Old Fisherman1:20
28.Tuna Dive2:22
29.Alcyone Sails on1:57


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