Marco Polo

TVシリーズ/ TVフィルム | 発売日: 25/05/2015 | フォーマット: ダウンロード




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
1.Marco Polo Main TitlesDaniele Luppi1:34
2.The Beautiful SteppeBatzorig Vaanchig4:48
3.Let the War Begin1:39
4.Marco Trains / Hundred Eyes Fights3:07
5.Marco's Journey2:19
6.Yusuf Investigates2:10
7.At the Poplar Tree2:25
8.Chabi's Rejection / Jing Fei's Dance6:27
9.Marco and Kokachin Ride0:55
10.Prelude to an Attack4:18
11.Yusuf's Farewell3:22
12.The Cricket Minister / Attack of the Walled City5:15
13.Xiangyang Captured3:08
14.Return to Cambulac3:19
15.Approaching Cambulac2:28
16.Jingim has Fallen2:42
17.Mantis Fighting Style2:05
18.It is Coming at Dawn2:01
19.Marco in Venice1:56
20.The People of MongoliaAltan Urag2:04
21.Native MongoliaAltan Urag3:25
22.Shiree Nuur (Shiree Lake)Altan Urag5:46
23.The Beige StallionAltan Urag4:35
24.Khukh Tolboton (Blue Mark)Altan Urag3:22


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