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Time After Time

Film Score Monthly (0638558026328)
映画 | 発売日: 29/01/2009 | 映画のリリース: 1979 | フォーマット: CD
限定版: 3000 コピー




# トラック   期間
1.Warner Bros. Logo/Prelude (Max Steiner)1:19
2.Jack!/L'Aďo dč de Rotso (arr. Ró1:16
4.The Vaporising Equaliser0:27
5.Search for the Ripper1:26
6.The Time Machine1:32
8.Taking Off/Time Travel2:47
9.Man Before His Time1:53
10.First Bank Montage/Second Bank Montage1:02
11.Utopia/Car Ride1:57
13.The Ripper/Pursuit3:12
14.The Time Machine Waltz4:31
15.The Redwoods2:06
16.Palace of Fine Arts/The Dinner/Search for a Victim2:28
17.A New Victim/Frightened1:52
18.The Telephone Book/The Envelope0:43
19.Decision for Murder/Murder1:58
20.The Prism Pin/The Fifth Victim2:02
21.The Last Victim/Aftermath2:27
22.Valium/H.G. Arrested1:26
23.3:20 P.M./Nocturnal Visitor2:08
25.Dangerous Drive2:57
26.The Journey's End/Finale3:39
27.The Time Machine Waltz4:59
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