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Tödliche Wende
Fatal Twist

Filmharmonic Records (4024552108034)
TVシリーズ/ TVフィルム | 年: 1996 | 映画のリリース: 1996 | フォーマット: CD




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
1.Tödliche Wende / Fatal TwistMain Title4:32
3.Jossi Steals Money / Christa Tries To Sneak Out Of The Hotel / Spatzek And His Wife / Constant Loser3:47
4.Christa Discovers Passports4:02
5.Attempted Rescue2:53
6.Corpse In The Water3:46
7.Next Day/ Corpse Is Gone/Corpse Is Found/Jossi Discovers Announcement/ Manni Is Dead/At the Cemetery5:45
8.Spatzek in Amsterdam3:57
9.The Knife1:16
10.The Conspiracy / Bender Questions Haegerle4:45
11.Toothache / Spatzek Writes Script / Christa's File / Spatzek Calls Wives3:30
12.The Script2:35
13.Police Observation / Observation Yacht / Accusation Of The Wives5:06
14.Tödliche Wende / Fatal TwistReprise4:31


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