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The Flintstones
Modern Stone-Age Melodies

TVシリーズ/ TVフィルム | 発売日: 14/11/1994 | フォーマット: CD




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
Each song holds a Surprise in the End
1.Meet the Flintstones (Main Title 1965)1:11
2.Meet the Flintstones (Original Album Version 1961)1:55
4.Car Hop Song3:34
5.Star Dust1:26
6.Yabba-Dabba-Doo!Hoagy Carmichael (as him self))2:59
7.Happy Anniverary Quartet1:49
9.Rockenschpeel Jingle1:25
10.Bedrock TwitchRock Roll (Hal Smith))2:22
11.Old Folks at Home0:45
12.Softsoap Jingle1:13
13.Way Outs1:20
14.Surfin' CrazeJimmy Darrock (James Darren))2:22
15.Open up Your Heart and let the Sunshine in3:05
16.Christmas is my Fav'rite time of Year1:55
17.Dino the Dinosaur1:33
18.Meet the Flintstones (End Title 1962)0:48
19.The Man Called Flintstone (from the 1966 theatrical feature)1:46
20.They'll Never Split us Apart2:45
21.Rise and Shine (Main Title 1960)0:44
22.Rise and Shine (End Title 1960)0:47
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