Nick And Nora

Jay Records (0605288126826)
ミュージカル | 発売日: 25/11/1997 | フォーマット: ダウンロード, CD




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
1.OvertureNational Symphony Orchestra2:51
2.Is There Anything Better Than Dancing?Barry Bostwick2:35
3.Everybody Wants to Do a MusicalChristine Baranski3:26
4.Max's StoryFaith Prince2:41
5.SwellBarry Bostwick3:50
6.As Long as You're HappyBarry Bostwick3:35
7.People Get HurtDebra Monk1:54
8.MenChristine Baranski6:16
9.May the Best Man WinBarry Bostwick6:47
10.Look Who's Alone NowBarry Bostwick2:51
11.Entr'acteNational Symphony Orchestra3:16
12.ClassChris Sarandon2:51
13.Let's Go HomeJoanna Gleason2:58
14.Busy Night at Lorraine'sBarry Bostwick7:30
15.Boom Chicka BoomYvette Lawrence2:23
16.Married LifeBarry Bostwick3:01


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