Battle of the Planets
25th anniversary release: Special limited edition 2 CD set

Silva Screen Records (0738572116729)
TVシリーズ/ TVフィルム | 発売日: 18/10/2004 | 映画のリリース: 1978 | フォーマット: CD, ダウンロード




# トラック   期間
CD 1 - Battle of the Planets - Hoyt Curtin
1.Main Title / Sub Main #11:35
2.Dramatic Curtain0:41
3.Ready Room 'Disco'1:57
4.Alien Planet (aka Alien Trap)2:17
5.BP-Mysterioso 4 / BP-Mysterioso 3 / BP-Mysterioso 22:44
6.BP-Teenage Mysterioso1:02
7.BP-2003 Love in the Afterburner1:29
8.BP-1 Zark's Theme (aka 7-Zark-7's Song) / Zark's Theme Alt / Zark Disco3:15
9.Keyops #1 / Keyops #2 (aka Robot Hijinks)1:44
10.BP-Gatchaman Theme RE-DO (aka Firefight)1:33
11.BP-Orion Cue #1 / Orion 4 / BP-Orion Runs4:17
12.Spacey Mysterioso / Zoltar (aka Alien Planet)2:50
13.Two Monsters / Star Fight2:06
14.BP-100 (aka Alien Trouble) / BP-100A (aka More Alien Trouble)2:45
15.Love Theme (aka Space on Fire)2:08
16.Space Chase (aka Phoenix)2:09
18.BP-101 ALT / 1-Rover-1 (aka Robot's Dog: 1-Rover-1)1:16
19.BP-Sneak-up / BP-Bad Guys vs. Good Guys2:28
20.Spacey Mysterioso / Zoltar (Alternate) (aka Alien Planet)2:58
21.BP-600 / BP600 A1:41
22.BP-101 / BP-106 / BP-107 / BP-20022:18
23.Boy/Girl Bossa (aka Come Out, Come Out)1:29
24.BP-105 / BP-20011:55
25.Fight Between People (aka Melting Jets)0:53
26.BP-Dialogue / BP-2025 / BP-Mysterious / BP-2020 / BP-20025:51
27.Transmute / BP-1000 The Chief Alien Shows Up / Victory1:31
28.Main Title (with Voice Over)1:38
# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
CD 2 - Gatchaman and Extras - Bob Sakuma
1.Emblem G3:11
2.Spectra Visions3:50
3.Like the Phoenix3:26
4.Coral Reef0:27
5.Crescent Moon3:17
6.Holding up a Shade3:37
7.Zoltar, Fasting the Armor0:31
8.Figghter G3:54
9.Red Illusion4:36
10.The Earth is Alone!0:53
11.A Vow to the Sky3:12
13.Fighting Foenix3:26
14.Space Chase (aka Phoenix Rising)2:08
15.BP-1 Zark's Theme (aka 7-Zark-7's Song)1:32
16.Alien Planet (aka Alien Trap)2:19
17.BP-1000 (aka Victory)1:00
18.Space Mummy (Trailer)0:50
19.Space Serpent (Trailer)0:50
20.The Ghost Ship of Planet MIR (Trailer)0:51
21.The Luminous One (Promo Spot)0:34
22.G-Force vs. Zoltar (Promo Spot)0:32
23.7-Zark-7 and Company (Promo Spot)0:34
24.The Luminous One #2 (Promo Spot)0:32
25.Commander mark, Jason (Promo Spot)0:32
26.Princess, Tiny, Keyop (Promo Spot)0:32
27.Battle of the Planets 04 (Remix)by Riardo Autobahn2:52
28.The Ballad of 7 Zark 7 (Remix)by Riardo Autobahn3:46
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