True Grit

Nonesuch Records (075597977516)
映画 | 発売日: 21/12/2010 | フォーマット: CD, ダウンロード




# トラック   期間
1.The Wicked Flee2:34
2.Father's Gun2:57
3.Little Blackie1:05
4.Your Headstrong Ways1:22
5.A Great Adventure1:56
6.River Crossing1:33
7.We Don't Need Him Do We?0:30
8.The Hanging Man0:55
9.A Methodist and a Son of a Bitch0:49
10.Talking to Horses1:20
11.A Turkey Shoot3:00
12.Talk About Suffering0:35
13.La Boeuf Takes Leave2:44
14.Taken Hostage2:00
15.One Against Four1:37
16.The Snake Pit3:15
17.Ride to Death2:28
18.I Will Carry You1:58
19.A Quarter Century1:23
20.The Grave0:59
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World Soundtrack Awards: Best Original Soundtrack of the Year (ノミネート)

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