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When in Rome
Original Score

映画 | 年: 2010 | 映画のリリース: 2010 | フォーマット: CD




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
1.Christopher YoungWhen In Rome 
2.Christopher YoungAngelico Angelica 
3.Christopher YoungLend Me Your Ears 
4.Christopher YoungBack Seat Fettucini 
5.Christopher YoungFour Hearts In 3-4 
6.Christopher YoungA Failed Houdini 
7.Christopher YoungThe Ukulele Lady 
8.Christopher YoungLipton Love 
9.Christopher YoungSometimes Something 
10.Christopher YoungFizzy Frizzi 
11.Christopher YoungA Sausage Serenade 
12.Christopher YoungA K n'D 
13.Christopher YoungTortoni Testosterone 
14.Christopher YoungShe Should Have Checked His Credit Blues 
15.Christopher YoungThe Mermaid With Flaxen Hair 
16.Christopher YoungTell It To The Fountain 
17.Christopher YoungForever Whenever In Rome 
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その他のリリース When in Rome (2010):

When in Rome (2010)

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