The Mysterious Island of Captain Nemo

Quartet Records (8436035005932)
映画 | 発売日: 21/11/2014 | 映画のリリース: 1973 | フォーマット: CD
限定版: 500 コピー




# トラック   期間
1.LŽIsola misteriosa3:24
2.I naufraghi dellŽaria2:11
3.Le avventure di top, cane fedele3:39
4.Il capitano Nemo3:46
5.La solitudine di naufraghi2:55
6.La nave dei pirati2:56
7.Il mistero dellŽisola4:36
8.Il Nautilus2:12
9.I gabbiani dellŽisola3:02
10.La ballata del marinaio Pencroff3:33
11.Nel buio della notte1:51
12.Le ultime ore del capitano4:02
13.LŽIsola misteriosa (Alternate main titles)2:13
14.I naufraghi dellŽaria (Finale take B)1:38
15.LŽIsola misteriosa (A beautifully strange island)2:51
# トラック   期間
1.LŽIsola misteriosa (Main Titles)1:36
2.LŽIsola misteriosa (Ballad of Sailor Pencroff)3:34
3.LŽIsola misteriosa (A dog in the Fort)1:48
4.LŽIsola misteriosa (Escape in a Ballon)2:13
5.LŽIsola misteriosa (Strange New World)1:10
6.LŽIsola misteriosa (Apparent Calm)3:35
7.LŽIsola misteriosa (Top, the Dog)1:41
8.LŽIsola misteriosa (Explorers)1:37
9.LŽIsola misteriosa (Sail)1:44
10.LŽIsola misteriosa (Dangerous Waiting)1:03
11.LŽIsola misteriosa (A Boy and His Dog)1:46
12.LŽIsola misteriosa (Nemo’s lLneliness)1:25
13.LŽIsola misteriosa (Escape and the Island Theme)1:09
14.LŽIsola misteriosa (The Nautilus)1:34
15.LŽIsola misteriosa (Submersion)1:42
16.LŽIsola misteriosa (Underwater Suspence)2:09
17.LŽIsola misteriosa (Nemo’s Hindu Music)2:08
18.LŽIsola misteriosa (A Bunch of Heroes)1:17
19.LŽIsola misteriosa (Mysteries and Dangers)1:21
20.LŽIsola misteriosa (The Journey)1:09
21.LŽIsola misteriosa (Living Island)2:26
22.LŽIsola misteriosa (Adventures)1:00
23.LŽIsola misteriosa (Ancient Secret)2:10
24.LŽIsola misteriosa (Nemo Theme)1:33
25.LŽIsola misteriosa (Heroes Theme)1:48
26.LŽIsola misteriosa (Nemo’s World)2:20
27.LŽIsola misteriosa (Escape Plans)1:39
28.LŽIsola misteriosa (Nemo’s Goodbye)2:13
29.LŽIsola misteriosa (Volcano’s Explosion and Destruction of Nautilus)3:47
30.LŽIsola misteriosa (End Titles)1:52


At last! Quartet Records, in collaboration with Cinevox Records and the Gianni Ferrio Estate, is proud to present a remastered and expanded release in a limited edition 2-CD set of this famous score by Gianni Ferrio (Vivi o preferiblemente morti, Un dollaro bucato, Tony Arzenta). The 1973 Italian-French-Spanish film adaptation of the immortal novel by Jules Verne (The Mysterious Island of Captain Nemo – aka L’Isola Misteriosa e il Capitano Nemo) was directed by J.A. Bardem (Calle Mayor, Les pianos mecaniques) and starred Omar Sharif as Captain Nemo.

Gianni Ferrio provides a classy and colorful, dynamic score, dominated by a memorable theme and gloomy action passages. It is full of enigmatic and suggestive romanticism and one of the most deservedly famous scores of his career. The collaboration of I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni and the fascinating voice of Edda Dell’Orso is one of the most appealing aspects of the score, but not the only noteworthy feature in a work generous in thematic diversity with many delights to be discovered.

The soundtrack album of The Mysterious Island of Captain Nemo was released in 1973 in Italy by the Cinevox label with 12 tracks and a running time of 37 minutes. In 1997 the premiere CD release (in Germany only) included the album program plus five minutes of unreleased music found on the Cinevox album masters. Collectors around the world have sought the complete score without success—until now. This special double-disc set, carefully mastered by Claudio Fuiano and José Luis Crespo, is possible thanks to Alba Ferrio, the composer’s widow, who fortunately kept the complete mono sessions of the score in her husband’s private archives. Now, thanks to this recent discovery, this project has become a reality. Even though the tapes were slightly damaged (specially track 22), we are lucky that it has all survived.

The package includes a 12-page full-color booklet including liner notes by Ángel García Romero.

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