Cry, the Beloved Country

Epic Soundtrax 1995 CD (0074646735428)
映画 映画のリリース: 1995




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
1.Main Title - The Letter3:36
2.The Beginning Of The Journey2:10
3.The Train To Johannesburg2:48
4.You've Been Robbed1:28
5.EmaxambeniThe Havana Swingsters2:29
6.I've Been A Bad Woman2:31
7.Is It My Son ?2:32
8.He Was Our Only Child1:42
9.What Sort Of Life Did They Lead1:25
10.Hamba NotsokoloDorothy Masuka2:37
11.Bastards - Bloody Bastards1:03
12.Did It Seem Heavy ?0:48
13.Cry, Cry The Beloved Country1:45
14.Christ, Forsake Me Not3:19
15.The Boys Club1:36
16.We Taught Him Nothing2:05
17.Amazing GraceLadysmith Black Mambazo3:33
18.Go Well Umfundisi1:09
19.Do Not Spoil My Pleasure2:38
20.It Is My Son - That Killed Your Son3:53
21.The Marriage2:55
22.The Shadow Of Death2:53
23.The Fifteenth Day3:17
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