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Italian Movie Soundtracks

映画 | 発売日: 16/09/2013 | フォーマット: ビニール




# トラック   期間
1.Tensione (piero Umiliani)3:35
2.Alone In A Crowd (aka I Soliti Ignoti) (piero Umiliani)4:53
3.Relaxin’ With Chet (piero Umiliani)5:31
4.I Soliti Ignoti (aka Lyda / Aka Movimenti Con Swing) (piero Umiliani)4:19
5.Tema D’amore (aka Sentirsi Solo) (piero Umiliani)2:24
6.Arrivederci (umberto Bindi)4:20
7.Smog (introduzione E Finale) (piero Umiliani)5:52
8.Twilight In Los Angeles (aka Smog Versione Strumentale) (piero Umiliani)6:12
9.Thinking Blues (aka Hollywood Tonight) (piero Umiliani)4:28
10.Improvvisando In Blues (piero Umiliani)3:17
11.Motorizzazione (piero Umiliani)2:35
12.6 Furtivamente (piero Umiliani)3:48


Chet Baker went to Italy in 1959 and after recording material for two albums, cut some further tracks with Italian musicians directed by Piero Umiliani to be used on film soundtracks. All this movie music is included here. A vocal version of Arrivederci has been taken from the film itself and therefore includes some odd overdubbed dialogue

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