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Forbidden Planet

GNP Crescendo 1989 CD (0005282400012)
GNP Crescendo 1989 CD (0052824000124)
GNP Crescendo 1989 CD (090204872756)
Zyx Music 1989 CD
Small Planet Records 1989 CD
映画 映画のリリース: 1956




# トラック   期間
1.Main Titles (Overture)2:20
3.Once Around Altair1:09
4.The Landing0:40
5.Flurry of Dust-A Robot Approaches1:09
6.A Shangri-La in the Desert / Garden With a...1:32
7.Graveyard-A Night With Two Moons1:15
8.Robby, Make Me a Gown1:16
9.An Invisible Monster Approaches0:46
10.Robby Arranges Flowers, Zaps Monkey1:17
11.Love at the Swimming Hole3:11
12.Morbius' Study0:37
13.Ancient Krell Music1:47
14.The Mind Booster-Creation of Matter0:56
15.Krell Shuttle Ride and Power Station2:31
16.Giant Footprints in the Sand0:45
17.Nothing Like This Claw Found in Nature!1:23
18.Robby, the Cook, and 60 Gallons of Booze0:56
19.Battle With the Invisible Monster2:50
20.Come Back to Earth With Me"1:17
21.The Monster Pursues-Morbius Is Overcome5:45
22.The Homecoming1:56
23.Overture (Reprise)2:13


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