The Simpsons: Songs In The Key Of Springfield
Original Music From The Television Series

TVシリーズ/ TVフィルム | 発売日: 29/04/1997 | フォーマット: CD




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
1.The Simpsons Main Title Theme (Extended Version)Alf Clausen 
2.We Do (The Stonecutters' Song)Marge/Homer/The Stonecutters 
3.Dancin' Homer (Medley): Crosstown Bridge/Capitol CityThe Simpsons/Tony Bennett 
4.Homer & Apu (Medley): Who Needs The Kwik-E-Mart?/Who Needs The Kwik-E-Mart? (Reprise)Lisa/Apu/Homer/Marge 
5.'Round Springfield (Medley): Bleeding Gums Blues/A Four-Headed King/There She Sits, Brokenhearted...Lisa/DJ/Bleeding Gums Murphy/Cast 
6.'Oh, Streetcar!' (The Musical): White-Hot Grease Fires (Prologue)/Long Before The Superdome...Director (Jon Lovitz)/Chief Wiggum/Marge/Apu/Ned Flanders/Cast 
7.Jingle BellsRobert Goulet/Bart/Smithers/Mr. Burns/Nelson 
8.Springfield (Medley): The Simpsons End Credits Them (Big Band Vegas Version)/Gracie Films LogoAlf Clausen 
9.'Itchy & Scratchy' Main Title ThemeAlf Clausen 
10.'Itchy & Scratchy' End Credits ThemeAlf Clausen 
11.The Day The Violence Died (Medley): Not Jazz Chor, But Sad Chor/The Amendment SongKrusty The Clown/Jack Sheldon/Kid/Bart/Lisa/Cast 
12.Senor BurnsTito Puente & His Latin Jazz Ensemble 
13.The Simpsons End Credits Theme (Afro-Cuban Version)Tito Puente & His Latin Jazz Ensemble 
14.Your Wife Don't Understand YouAnnouncer/Lurleen (Beverly D'Angelo)/Homer/Cast 
15.Kamp Krusty (Medley): South Of The Border/Gracie Films LogoBart/Krusty/Gene Merlino 
16.End Credits Suite #1: The Simpsons End Credits Theme (Austalian Version)Alf Clausen 
17.End Credits Suite #1: The Simpsons End Credits Theme (Hill Street Homage)Alf Clausen 
18.End Credits Suite #1: The Simpsons End Credits Theme (It's A Mad, Mad, Mad World Homage)Alf Clausen 
19.Treehouse Of Horror V (Medley): Controlling The Transmission (Prologue)/The Simpsons Halloween...Bart/Homer/Alf Clausen 
20.Honey Roasted PeanutsHomer/Marge 
21.Boy Scoutz N The Hood (Medley): Saved By The Bell/Jackpot/Springfield, Springfield (Parts 1 & 2)...Apu/Milhouse/Bart/Lisa/Marge/Homer/Cast 
22.Two Dozen & One Greyhounds (Medley): The Pick Of The Litter/See My VestMr. Burns/Lisa/Smithers/Maid/Bart 
23.Eye On Springfield ThemeKent Brockman/Homer 
24.Flaming Moe'sKipp Lennon/Cast 
25.Homer's Barbershop Quartet (Medley): One Last Call/Baby On BoardPrincipal Skinner/Apu/The Be Sharps/Cast 
26.TV Sucks!Homer/Bart 
27.A Fish Called Selma (Medley): Troy Chic/Stop The Planet Of The Apes/Dr. Zaius/Chimpan A To Chimpan ZAgent MacArthur Parker (Jeff Goldblum)/Troy McClure/Bart/Homer/Cast 
28.Send In The ClownsAnnouncer/Krusty The Clown/Sideshow Mel 
29.The Monorail SongLyle Lanley/Cast 
30.In Search Of An Out Of Body VibeGrampa/Mrs. Bouvier 
32.Bagged Me A HomerLurleen (Beverly D'Angelo)/Recording Studio Guy/Homer/Marge 
33.It Was A Very Good BeerHomer 
34.Bart Sells His Soul (Medley): From God's Brain To Your Mouth/In-A-Gadda-Da VidaBart/Reverend Lovejoy/Homer/Milhouse/Cast 
35.Happy Birthday, LisaLisa/Bart/Leon Kompowski (Kipp Lennon) 
36.End Credits Suite #2: The Simpsons Halloween Special End Credits (The Addams Family Homage)Alf Clausen 
37.End Credits Suite #2: Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One) (Medley): Who Dunnit?/The Simpsons End...Alf Clausen 
38.End Credits Suite #2: Lisa's Wedding (Medley): The Simpson End Credits Theme...Alf Clausen 
39.End Credits Suite #2: The Simpsons End Credits Theme (Dragnet Homage)Alf Clausen 


Who said musical comedy was dead? Was it you? Fools! There are more shining moments in each of these 39 zippy little numbers than in the complete score of any bloated Broadway dud today. Peppered with original dialogue, and seven renditions of 'The Simpsons Main Title Theme' (including Australian, Big Band, and Afro-Cuban), this disc includes beloved originals like 'Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart?' Even better are the scathing parodies: 'Oh, Streetcar!' (Tennessee Williams la community musical theater); 'Dr. Zaius' (Falco-meets-Planet of the Apes); and 'See My Vest' (Monty Burns's jaunty dissection of Disney's 'Be Our Guest'). With celebrity cameos from Tony Bennett, Robert Goulet, and Beverly D'Angelo, Songs is a sparkling tonic to sustain you through the seven dreary days between Sunday evenings.

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