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Orgasmo nero

映画 映画のリリース: 1980




# トラック   期間
1.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 1)3:52
2.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 2)2:50
3.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 3)1:40
4.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 4)1:17
5.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 5)1:21
6.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 6)1:02
7.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 7)1:30
8.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 8)2:00
9.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 9)3:13
10.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 10)2:09
11.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 11)1:47
12.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 12)2:26
13.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 13)0:46
14.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 14)1:20
15.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 15)2:12
16.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 16)0:43
17.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 17)1:49
18.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 18)0:19
19.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 19)0:29
20.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 20)0:26
21.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 21)2:50
22.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 22)0:43
23.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 23)0:14
24.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 24)2:01
25.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 25)1:01
26.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 26)3:43
27.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 27)0:21
28.Orgasmo Nero (Seq. 28)2:26


Chris' Soundtrack Corner strikes gold yet again by proudly presenting the premiere release of Stelvio Cipriani's captivating score for infamous exploitation auteur Joe D'Amato's ORGASMO NERO (SEX AND BLACK MAGIC / VOODOO BABY / BLACK ORGASM).

This CD follows neatly on the heels of the Soundtrack Corner's previous release of Cipriani's PAPAYA DEI CARAIBI. Both scores are prime examples of classic Silver Age mondo-exotica/erotica film music, a staple of 1970's Italian soundtracks, and both films are exponents of the unique adult sub-genre of Euro Cult Cinema that put focus to the escapades of beautiful young black women conquering the modern world with the sensual powers of their gender.

This artist is world renowned for gifting listeners with always accessible, enjoyable music, and for ORGASMO NERO Cipriani delivered a tasty intermingling of Bossa-based ideas. The score was carefully layered with a deep, rich ambiance and this dramatic personality is frequently enlivened by the inclusion of exotic percussion and tropical colors. Where many composers would have merely draped ORGASMO NERO with either a horror-based or erotica-based palette, Cipriani instead bothered to work-up a much more satisfying mix that seamlessly blends, morphs and contrasts sensuality, glamour and passion with vibrant primitivism and evocative suspense. All fans of melody, mood, rhythms and romance are going to love this latest from Chris' Soundtrack Corner and the always charismatic oeuvre of Maestro Stelvio Cipriani.

その他のリリース Orgasmo nero (1980):

Orgasmo nero (2014)

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