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Doctor Who: The Music / Sound Effects
Picture Disc

TVシリーズ/ TVフィルム | 年: 1985 | フォーマット: ビニール




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
Doctor Who: The Music
1.Omega Field Force Roger Limb1:44
2.Ergon Threat Roger Limb1:12
3.Termination of the Doctor Roger Limb2:10
4.Banqueting Music Peter Howell1:28
5.TSS Machine Attacked Peter Howell1:08
6.Janissary Band Peter Howell0:51
7.Subterranean Caves Malcolm Clarke2:35
8.Requiem Malcolm Clarke2:20
9.March of the Cybermen Malcolm Clarke3:29
10.Doctor Who Ron Grainer2:40
Doctor Who - Sound Effects
11.The Shine Of The Sisterhood Of Karn - Dr. Who And The Brain Of Morbius1:49
12.Kraal Disorientation Chamber - Android Invasion1:07
13.The Mandragora Helix - The Curse Of Mandragora1:49
14.Atomic Reactor Runs Wild - The Hand Of Death1:25
15.Wind-Mine Machine - Robots Of Death1:44
16.Distillation Chamber - The Talons Of Weng-Chi'ang0:43
17.Cloning And Miniaturisation Process - The Enemy Within0:39
18.Inside Dr. Who's Mind - The Enemy Within1:07
19.TARDIS Interior (In Flight)1:42
20.TARDIS Interior (Stationary)0:56
21.TARDIS Observation Screen Operates0:03
22.TARDIS Door Opens0:07
23.Sonic Screwdriver0:10
24.Fission Gun (2 Blasts) - Ark In Space0:09
25.Tesh Gun - Face Of Evil0:09
26.Gallifreyan Staser Gun (3 Blasts) - The Deadly Assassin0:09
27.Vardan Gun - The Invasion Of Time0:13
28.Sontaran Gun (3 Blasts) - The Invasion Of Time0:07
29.Gallifreyan Staser (3 Blasts) - The Invasion Of Time0:07
30.Dematerializer Gun (Switch On And Fire) - The Invasion Of Time0:25
31.Dalek Gun (3 Blasts) - Genesis Of The Daleks0:12
32.Dragon Ray-Gun - The Talons Of Weng Chi'ang0:10


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