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Un Affair d'Etat

映画 | 発売日: 30/11/2009 | 映画のリリース: 2009 | フォーマット: CD




# トラック   期間
1.Une affaire d'état (Main Theme)2:40
2.Dangerous Cargo Over the Congo0:42
3.Chillout chez Mado2:46
4.Une affaire d'état (Opening Titles)1:40
5.Nail Gun Attack In Artspace1:11
6.Introducing Fernandez0:58
7.Chardon Under Surveillance: To Anyone Listening1:05
8.A Farewell to Chardon1:53
9.The Accidental Death of Katryn In a Car Park?0:49
10.Rendez-vous With Macquart1:44
11.Victor Bornand: A Man Alone0:57
12.Who Is Mado?0:41
13.Fernandez In the Mirror1:25
14.Bonfils Last Chase1:07
15.Fernandez Tension Theme1:54
16.Accordionist On the Bridge0:41
17.Rendez-vous In Jean XXIII Square2:04
18.Every Picture Tells the Same Story1:04
19.All Is Not Well for Bornand1:04
20.Shed a Tear for Mado1:28
21.Last Words of a Condemned Man1:04
22.Burying the Past and the Past Still Yet to Come2:39
23.Fernandez Leaves It All Behind1:09
24.Chase to Sacré-Cœur2:44
25.No Escape for Fernandez0:38
26.Police Escort to Freedom1:09
27.Il Ritorno di Ringo2:18
28.Une affaire d'état (Aftermath)3:26
29.To Anyone Counting4:16
30.Une affaire d'état (End Titles)4:10


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