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An Evening with Groucho
Picture Disc

映画 | 年: 1978 | フォーマット: ビニール




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
1.IntroductionDick Cavett4:37
2.Hello, I Must Be Going1:07
3.How I Got Started In Show Biz1:02
4.Uncle Herman, Chiropodist1:11
6.Annie Berger2:50
7.Oh, How That Woman Could Cook2:26
8.Toronto Song1:43
9.London Stories: Polish Officer Story / Churchill & 2nd World War3:53
10.Palace Theatre: Sarah Bernhardt / Fanny Brice / Swayne's Rats And Cats2:48
11.Poem From The Play Animal Crackers2:26
12.Stay Down Where You Belong2:40
13.W. C. Fields: Beebee Gun / Prohibition / Baby Leroy2:22
14.Everybody Works But Father1:48
15.Sampson And Delilah Story0:56
16.Priests' Stories: Plaza Hotel / Montreal / Rome2:55
17.Show Me A Rose2:54
18.Lydia The Tattooed Lady4:17


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