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Bonnie & Clyde

La-La Land Records (826924129227)
TVシリーズ/ TVフィルム | 発売日: 10/12/2013 | フォーマット: CD




# トラック   期間
1.Main Titles2:08
2.Chicken Thieves/I Was Born/Bonnie's Theme3:30
3.First Robbery1:49
4.Welcome To The Speakeasy (source)0:59
5.Speakeasy Raid/Prison Escape/Lovemaking/Love At First Sight3:15
6.Sometimes Fate Steps In/The Ballerina2:29
7.The Drive Home (source)1:02
8.Hamer's Theme0:36
9.Bonnie Walks Home1:15
10.Clyde Dreams of Happiness2:11
11.Playing For You (source)1:03
12.I'm Bonnie Parker/Escape/Bonnie's Sacrifice3:31
13.Bonnie's Scrapbook/Goodbye Momma/Fate Theme2:04
14.First Dance (source)0:47
15.The Headlines/Robbery Gone Wrong2:55
16.Night Two Main Titles/Bonnie Strays2:59
17.Seneca Square Dance (source)2:28
18.Bank Job1:32
19.Buck And Blanche Join In Car/Robbery And Ballet2:20
20.Don't Mess With Bonnie And Clyde/Bonnie's Theme Piano2:22
21.One Kiss (source)1:30
22.The Story Of Bonnie and Clyde/Mom Won't Answer3:14
23.Forest Shootout/Buck Shot/Morning After3:28
24.Buck Is Abandoned1:10
25.A Banking Opportunity (source)0:28
26.Love Has Its Consequences1:42
27.Like A Rubber Ball/Prelude To Hell Unleashed/Aftermath/The Graves5:34
Bonus Track
28.Main Titles (alternate)2:09


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