The Bravados

Film Score Monthly (0638558003626)
映画 | 年: 2001 | 映画のリリース: 1958 | フォーマット: CD
限定版: 3000 コピー




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
Stereo Score
1.The Hunter (Main Title) Alfred Newman3:04
2.The Scaffold Hugo Friedhofer1:28
3.Mistaken Identity Hugo Friedhofer1:23
4.Jailbreak Hugo Friedhofer1:06
5.The Real Mr.Simms/Who Is He? Hugo Friedhofer4:27
6.The Posse Rides Alfred Newman1:41
7.Parral's Ambush Hugo Friedhofer2:43
8.A Mother's Prayer Alfred Newman2:39
9.Douglas and Taylor/Posse Finds Taylor Hugo Friedhofer3:25
10.The Dead Miner and Emma/Josefa Alfred Newman6:17
11.Over the Border Hugo Friedhofer1:24
12.Douglas and Lujan Hugo Friedhofer1:34
13.The Truth Hugo Friedhofer1:04
14.A Mother's Prayer (Finale) Alfred Newman1:12
15.Josefa (End Title) Alfred Newman0:35
Guitar Source
16.Josefa Alfred Newman4:22
Church Source
18.O Saluteris HostiaNiņos Cantores de Morelia Choral Group0:53
19.Panis AngelicusNiņos Cantores de Morelia Choral Group3:22
20.Salvatore MundiNiņos Cantores de Morelia Choral Group2:38
21.O Sanctissima,O PiissimaNiņos Cantores de Morelia Choral Group0:47
Damaged Stereo
22.The Posse Leaves Hugo Friedhofer6:54
Mono Suite
23.The Hunter (Main Title) Alfred Newman1:49
24.The Scaffold Hugo Friedhofer1:28
25.Mistaken Identity Hugo Friedhofer1:23
26.The Posse Leaves Hugo Friedhofer1:49
27.The Real Mr.Simms/Who Is He? Alfred Newman4:27
28.Parral's Ambush Hugo Friedhofer2:43
29.Douglas and Taylor Hugo Friedhofer2:56
30.The Truth Hugo Friedhofer1:04
31.Josefa (End Title) Alfred Newman0:35


その他のリリース The Bravados (1958):

Bravados, The (2014)

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